Gannetcity Limited

We are experts at developing websites and web portal systems using content management systems like Drupal, Joomla. XOOP, Wordpress, etc.
We develop database driven websites using PHP/MySQL for site search and retrieval; we setup blog sites for community portals and social media interaction. We offer domain name registrations and web hosting services. ERP and CRM software – We supply, setup Enterprise Resource Planning software for organizations like Oil and Gas, Aviation, Hospitality and Telecoms for managing their enterprise resources. We also provide resident or host versions of our Customer Relationship Management Software for Customer Relationship, marketing leads, conversion and management.

  • We develop point of sales software, inventory management system for retails and management system for schools and small businesses.
  • Domain Name Registration, Website Design and Hosting
  • Web portal applications for small and medium scale businesses
  • We build web applications based on open source platform
  • Online real time marketing and communication (SEO and Digital marketing)
  • E-commerce website
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